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Working as a Roulette dealer, otherwise known as a croupier, is an essential job. Although it may not be the top position in the casino hierarchy, working as a dealer in the UK can lead to excellent career opportunities in land-based casinos and online.

Online dealer vs land-based

Working as an online dealer is quite different to working at a land-based casino. Some of the significant changes include:

  1. Work environment
  2. Working conditions
  3. Income
Work as a Roulette dealer

If you take a look at job offers online, you’ll notice the difference. A land-based casino dealer is paid less but earns more in tips, whereas online dealers receive a higher salary but no tips. In terms of working environment, land-based dealers are in direct contact with players whilst online dealers are filmed on live streaming channels.

The salary

Roulette dealers in the UK earn at least £20,000 per year, but the most successful croupiers can earn up to £100,000. A trainee will receive a £1500 paycheck for a few months before landing a full-time contract and earning roughly £2,000.

The VIP tables are where the money is made, especially in big casinos. These positions are highly sought after and assigned to the most talented croupiers. Of course, it wouldn’t be such a big deal if it weren’t for the tips! Lucky gamblers are usually very generous.

The average salary of a dealer

Job offers are a reliable indicator as to how much a dealer can expect to make. It seems that employees at the beginning of their career earn between £20,000 and £24,000 per year. Generally speaking, the more prestigious the casino, the higher the salary. Usually, after two years of experience, dealers receive a pay rise and earn up to £30,000 a year. The highest-paid dealers earn £48,000, which can quickly hit the six figures with the help of tips.

Highest salary

The job market suggests that the highest paid jobs are in Central London. With gambling houses open seven days a week and a wealthy clientele, both local and international, there’s no better place than the City to work as a Roulette dealer.

Part-time employment

A croupier must work flexible hours, especially on the weekends, convenient for those who prefer to work part-time. Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest days of the week and offer plenty of work opportunities. Managers have to hire part-time or even on an hourly basis to keep up with demand.

Working hourly shifts

Although it demands a particular lifestyle, working hourly shifts can be a great opportunity, to such extent that some croupiers can earn a full-time wage just by working peak shifts and weekends. The salary varies from £10 to £25 per hour depending on your experience… and don’t forget the tips!

The perks of being a Roulette dealer

A casino croupier can make a hell of a lot of money, especially in a busy venue. Of course, it’s not all about the money; larger casinos are also more fun to work at. In addition, recruiters don’t care much about your CV as long as you have a college degree, a positive attitude, and a knack for mental maths.

The drawbacks of being a Roulette dealer

The biggest downside to working as a Roulette dealer is the problematic hours. Casinos are entertainment venues and are open around the clock, so it can sometimes be challenging to juggle friends, family, and work.
Working night shifts demands a sacrifice, but if you’re willing to give it a shot, it can be worth it. Long-term career ambition can lead to management positions and the salary that goes with it.

Working hours

Be prepared to work night shifts and weekends; otherwise, it’s not even worth going to the job interview. However, working a flexible schedule should be seen as an opportunity.

Casinos are open during the day, so it’s possible to work regular day shifts, but with such few players, the job can become quite dull. And remember, the fewer the players, the lower the tips!

Handling cash

Only the dealer is allowed to touch the money at a Roulette table. The dealer exchanges players’ cash for Roulette chips before the game begins.
The dealer is responsible for any errors, so trainees must complete an intensive training course and learn all procedures.
Security staff are stationed in the gaming rooms, and cameras are pointed at the table games to ensure maximum security.
Dealers are constantly monitored, and videotapes are kept for at least a week if there’s an issue. But don’t worry, after a while you get used to it!
Betting cash with coloured chips

The Game Master

The dealer is the ultimate game master and is in charge of handling customers, cash, and game rules. At the end of each game, the dealer is responsible for claiming all losses and paying out winners. The job is intense and requires skill, speed, and precision. What is more, the game never stops! As long as clients are willing to play, the dealer must keep up!

The dealer is essential

Unlike slot machines, Roulette players face the dealer, which is why floor employees such as dealers are and always will be a essential part of the casino.

Cool, calm, and collected

Dealers are the casino’s ambassadors and must set the example with sharp attire and irreproachable behaviour, especially in front of clients. Gambling houses do not tolerate complacency, and employees who are sloppy and rude to customers are sacked on the spot.


The casino provides thorough training for new employees. Most large casinos in the UK have their own training centres that provide the very best schooling in the gambling industry. Remember that dealers must be versatile and are therefore receive training in all table games, including blackjack and baccarat.

Each casino game has its own set of rules and characteristics.

Some dealers specialise in Roulette or Blackjack, while others train to multi-task. Training for a specific table game generally takes a week or two, and some casinos offer courses throughout the year to develop their employee’s skill set.

Online dealers can work abroad

Table games

Casino croupiers train to work on all table games, but Roulette and Blackjack both require the most skill and dexterity. Other games such as poker, craps or baccarat are slow-paced and therefore easier to follow.

Online dealer

Online gambling is becoming increasingly common in the UK as players are using mobile devices more and more.

As surprising as this may seem, online dealers can work abroad for a casino based in the UK. Indeed, some UK operators use streaming platforms from offshore providers. Platforms like these are located in Malta, Gibraltar or the Isle of Man. An excellent opportunity if you wish to work and live abroad!

Tipping makes a difference

Tips vary from one casino to another, but generally speaking, the bigger the casino, the higher the tips! Unfortunately, online dealers cannot count on the same generosity as most online casinos do not feature a tipping option.

Tips are regarded as extra income and should be declared to tax authorities. However, in the UK, it’s common practice to pocket some extra cash and declare only part of it. Of course, this is illegal, and employees should declare all tips.

Sharing tips

Most gambling houses set up a shared pool divided between all floor employees and rewarded on a fair basis. Top dealers receive a higher percentage and, in some cases, can double their paycheck thanks to generous tipping.

Required skills

Applicants must have a clean criminal record and a healthy lifestyle. Typically, candidates who do not drink or smoke will have a better chance.

Casinos require a college degree and a knack for mathematics because dealers must be able to calculate in a fraction of time. They also expect future employees to have good social skills and a respectful attitude.

Seems pretty easy, right? Not so fast! Before you get your hopes up, remember that it’s important to be well-prepared for the job interview and if you plan to apply, visiting the venue once or twice before the interview is a wise idea.

Online training

Online training is a great idea, and there is plenty of information that can help develop your skillset. Roulette School offers practical resources to learn how to become a Roulette expert. Once you’ve mastered Roulette, follow suit with baccarat and blackjack, and you’ll be able to hold any conversation in front of a recruiter.


Casino giants such as British Grosvenor and Genting own casinos across the UK and therefore have plenty of jobs on offer.

There are at least 25 casino venues just in London! The capital offers the best job opportunities both in terms of salary and working conditions.

To give yourself the best chance of getting a job as a Roulette dealer, we recommend applying directly to gambling houses.


These four websites offer plenty of job offers to work as a casino croupier in the UK. Searching on Linkedin and Indeed will increase your chances and possibly lead to great opportunities.