English Roulette

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English Roulette is the nation’s favourite and is played in casinos around the UK and Europe.

With a unique live atmosphere, English Roulette is highly appreciated by Roulette amateurs worldwide.

English Roulette casino wheel
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Online casino & English Roulette

English Roulette is not available at online casinos as it’s specifically designed to be played with a live croupier. The small table and friendly atmosphere between players and the croupier make the English variation of Roulette so unique. Only seven players are allowed at the table, and each player receives a different coloured chip.

Replicating the game online is too much of a challenge. Although it’s technically possible, it would require expensive special equipment such as mobile cameras.

Even the most prominent platforms and providers have chosen not to feature English Roulette. You’re best bet is to stick to online French Roulette, which offers the same options and payouts!

London’s favourite casino game

The City has several attractions and events that appeal to both residents and visitors. Gambling houses are also part of London’s nightlife with plenty of venues to choose from, all of which feature English Roulette, the most popular Roulette wheel in the UK!

Hippodrome Casino is one of the most iconic gambling houses in the capital. If you’re visiting the City, this casino is definitely worth the detour.
The Empire Casino at Leicester Square is also an excellent choice and is one of the greatest gambling houses in London.

Limited seating

Live game in a UK casino room

English Roulette only allows 1 to 7 players at a table.

Generally speaking players must remain seated during the game; only the croupier is allowed to stand up. Players are sat on high chairs as the croupier steers the game, just like at Blackjack. However, trends are forever changing, and some gambling houses now allow participants to play standing.

Get ready to play English Roulette

Once you’re seated at the table, the first thing you must do is buy chips. Players must exchange either cash or casino chips directly at the Roulette table and not at the cashier as each player receives a different coloured chip. This way, the croupier can tell the difference between players and manage any disputes. There’s no place for dishonesty at English Roulette!


Players must wait for the dealer to make the first announcement, “Place your bets”, before placing any chips on the table. Once the bets are placed, the dealer makes the following announcement: “Final bets!” All players must place any last bets.

“Ladies & Gentlemen, no more bets!” is the final call that stops all betting. The croupier then spins the wheel and tosses the ball in the opposite direction.

Once the ball lands on a slot, the dealer announces the winning combo. For example, if the ball lands on 27, the dealer will call: Number 27, Red, Odd, High.

The croupier then claims all losses before paying out any winners, starting from the player to the left. Once the game has ended, the next one begins.

Cashing out

Before leaving a table, players must ask the dealer to exchange the Roulette chips for standard casino chips, which players can exchange for cash at the casino desk. Chips never leave the table at English Roulette.

Tips and tricks

Specific strategic bets cover large sections of the wheel with only a few chips. British players often bet on two columns with a winning probability of 24 to 37. A winning bet pays 1.5 times the initial bet, which may seem low but pays off almost every time. Remember that the casino always has the advantage, so stick to your budget and keep your fingers crossed that it’s your lucky day.

Lucky Zero

The Zero slot gives the house the advantage. Without the Zero slot, players would have an equal shot of winning or losing. However, the rules of English Roulette allow players to bet on the Zero slot with the same odds as a straight-up bet; therefore, the Zero can pay 35 times the initial bet. The rules also state that the Zero slot refunds 50% of all outside bets.

English Roulette has the best payout

English Roulette is similar to French Roulette and follows almost the same rules. English Roulette is played with a smaller layout table, often blue rather than the traditional green. Also, the number of players is limited to 7, and the game is fast pace, creating a unique atmosphere at the table. What makes English Roulette better than other variations is that, much like French Roulette, the Zero slot allows players to retrieve 50% of any outside bets meaning that English Roulette pays better than both European and American Roulette!

The expert opinion

It’s our team’s favourite Roulette game! Not only does it pay as much as French Roulette, but it’s also more fun. Although English Roulette isn’t listed in our guide to playing Online Roulette, we recommend it to all gambling enthusiasts. If you’re interested in playing, then head to your favourite land-based casino in the UK!