Casino Mini Roulette

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The Mini Roulette table game is a simplified version of classic Roulette. Both the wheel and the layout table are the same as traditional Roulette. The difference is that the game only has 12 numbered slots.

The rules follow the same principles as any other Roulette wheel, although Mini Roulette is easier to play because there are only twelve numbers.

Casino Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette betting options

Mini Roulette features only eight betting options, much fewer than other Roulette variations. The game also features the same Zero rule as English and French Roulette with a 50% refund for all outside bets. As a consequence, players tend to bet more on outside bets at Mini Roulette.
Mini Roulette layout table
Inside bets

Bet Number Winnings
Straight up 1 square 12:1
Split 2 squares 6:1
Street 3 squares 4:1
Corner 4 squares 3:1
Outside bets

Bet Number Winnings
Black or Red 6 squares 1:1
Even or Odd 6 squares 1:1
Column 4 squares 2:1
1/3 4 squares 2:1

Where can I play?

Mini Roulette isn’t available on all casino websites. In fact, the game is exclusive to the supplier Playtech, one of the world-leading platforms for table games.

Playtech has an excellent reputation and is affiliated with some of the most popular casinos in the UK, such as:

These three casinos are pioneers of online gambling and offer high-quality table games. Becoming a member of one of these casinos also comes with several perks, including:

  • A welcome bonus
  • Access to all of Playtech’s games
  • 24/7 customer support

User interface for Mini Roulette

To start playing, select a chip and place it on the table. You can bet as many times as you like; however, there are betting limits just like any other Roulette game. Generally speaking, bets start at £1 and are limited to £100.

Once you’ve placed your bets click on the [SPIN] button to spin the wheel!

Once the ball has landed in one of the 13 slots, the winning number is revealed. The house pays out all winnings and claims all lost bets.

Players must activate the wheel themselves. As the dealer, players control the game and can choose whether they wish to bet on each round.

Players can bet the same amount each round with the [REBET] button. To withdraw all earnings, simply click on the [CLEAR] button or if you wish to quit the game and cash out your winnings, just hit the [CASH OUT] button.

Tiny Roulette wheel

The Zero slot

Mini roulette features a special rule: If the ball lands on the Zero slot, all lost bets are refunded 50%. This rule is what makes Mini Roulette so interesting. Without it, the house would have a considerable advantage, and the game would be pointless.
The Zero rule is what makes the game so popular and why players tend to use winning strategies.

Our opinion

Mini Roulette is straightforward and easy to master thanks to its small wheel and simple betting options. Although 36-numbered wheels are the casino’s main attraction, Mini Roulette has gained popularity in recent years. The only weak spot is the house edge for inside bets: a whopping 7.69%! But not to worry because outside bets, on the other hand, offer a 96.15% RTP with the “la partage rule”, which makes Mini Roulette more profitable than American Roulette!