Ultra Warp Roulette and £250,000 Jackpot

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Ultra Warp Roulette from Switch Studios is a new kind of roulette. Released on 17th August 2023, the wheel with 36 numbers offers increased odds of winning. The biggest potential prize is a jackpot of £250,000.

Ultra Warp Roulette from Switch Studios

Provided by Microgaming, Ultra Warp Roulette is available on UK casino sites.

Ultra Warp Roulette is a wheel of fortune game based on European Roulette. The difference with the Ultra Warp version is when bets are placed on straight-up numbers of the wheel.

Lucky Numbers and Tri Rise

For each round of the Roulette game, four lucky numbers and one Tri Rise number are randomly selected. So each spin offers 5 chances to win big. Large jackpots can only be won with straight-up bets.

The roulette wheel’s lucky numbers have multipliers, rewarding players up to 200 times the bet. As for the Tri Rise feature, the multiplier ranges from 250x to 5000x the bet.

The biggest jackpots to be won on Ultra Warp Roulette are 5000x the bet. By going for max. straight-up bets (of £50), the maximum winnings reach £250,000.

Jackpot wins of 5000x the bet with Tri Rise

For winning bets placed on pockets that are not lucky numbers or Tri Rise, the payout is 19x the bet.

If you place bets that are not on straight-up numbers, you can’t take advantage of Ultra Warp’s multipliers. In this case, European Roulette rules apply.

Increase the chances of winning a jackpot

The best strategy for winning big on Ultra Warp Roulette is to place several straight-up bets in each round of the game. Casino Roulette has 37 pockets (numbers from 1 to 36 and a single zero). If you bet on a single number, you have a 1 in 37 chance of landing on the winning pocket.

For example, betting on 12 different numbers gives you a 12 in 37 chance of winning. Repeating the process for each round of Roulette is a strategy that can help you win big. By setting bets to at least £10 per number, the potential winnings are enormous.

It’s not just Tri Rise that offers large sums of money. The 4 lucky numbers that appear in each round of the game are also chances to win jackpots.

Ultra Warp Roulette: RTP rate

The game has a return to player percentage of 97.3%, the same RTP as European Roulette. What sets Ultra Warp apart from other classic Roulettes is the possibility to win really big with straight-up bets.

Winning bets on Tri Rise

A winning bet on the Tri Rise pocket pays out 250x to 5000x the bet. Just by betting £1, you could win £5000 in one go. High-rollers can win a £250,000 jackpot by betting £50 a round.

Bets at the table

Ultra Warp Roulette offers the same type of betting as classic Roulette.

  • Inside bets
    These are bets placed on the numbers within the rectangle. Bets can be made on single numbers, as well as on multiple numbers with the same chip.
  • Outside bets
    These are even-money bets, for example on colour, as well as dozens.

Each type of bet has minimum and maximum betting limits. Bets offering the largest possible winnings have straight-up bet limits from 25 pence to £50.

According to the Ultra Warp Roulette payout table, the maximum straight-up bet is £50 per round. This bet can pay out £250,000. The highest bets of £400 can be placed on even-money bets. The payout is 1:1 with this type of bet.

Ultra Warp Roulette payout table

For players wanting to have fun by spinning the Ultra Warp wheel many times, 25 pence bets can be placed on all bet types.

Ultra Warp Roulette Casinos

Casino sites partnered with Switch Studios have Ultra Warp Roulette in their game collections. If you choose one of the online casinos in our guide, you can enjoy all the Switch Studios games.

In the opinion of many testers, Villento Casino is the best site to play the Ultra Warp version of the 36 number wheel.

Switch Studios

Created in 2007, Switch Studios is the world’s most innovative developer of electronic Roulette games. With the launch of Ultra Warp in 2023, the team at Switch Studios demonstrate their desire to remain a leading company in the online gambling sector.

To date, the developers at Switch Studios are the only ones in the world who have successfully designed a millionaire-making Roulette. The game is called Mega Moolah Roulette and it offers the chance to win millions of pounds with bets of just 25 pence a round.

The games developed by Switch Studios are cross-platform compatible, and a big hit with Apple users. The Blackjack and Roulette gaming experience is excellent on an iPad, but also great on iPhone and the entire Mac range.

Ultra Warp Roulette Review

Ultra Warp gives players new ways to win big on a casino wheel. The main attraction is the possibility to win a lot of money by placing straight-up bets.

If you prefer classic games such as European Roulette and Blackjack, Ultra Warp Roulette might not appeal to you because this type of Roulette works in pretty much the same way as slot games. In other words, you have to bet big on many rounds to potentially get a good payout.