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Learn how to win at online Roulette with the best winning strategies!

Roulette School’s experts have come together to share with you the tips and tricks of the trade.

Here you’ll find the best winning strategies for playing online Roulette, all of which have been tested and approved by our team of experts. However, under no circumstances can these techniques guarantee a win! Unfortunately, there is no miracle method, and the house will always have the upper hand. Despite this, these strategies are interesting and worth a shot!

Play Roulette to win

The Paroli betting system is one of the most reliable winning strategies as players can double their winnings with a single starting bet. This page also mentions other techniques that are profitable, in theory, but the stakes are higher.

Which Roulette pays the most?

Out of all the different Roulette variations, online French Roulette offers the highest payout rates. English Roulette also offers good odds but, unfortunately, isn’t available online. We aim to provide you with the best advice to increase your winnings. That’s why we recommend playing French Roulette for the best results.

Winning strategies

  1. # PAROLI
  2. # PARLAY
Best return rate for roulette
French Roulette offers a 98.65% RTP outside bets – much higher than other Roulette wheels.


The Paroli betting system is a positive progression that starts with an initial stake – let’s say £10 – and can make hundreds or even thousands of pounds if the numbers are on your side. Players bet on 1:1 outside bets, commonly referred to as “single odds”.

In the event of a loss, the player must bet the initial stake (£10) again on the next round. Things start to kick off after the first win: the idea is to double the wager on the next game, in other words, place £20 on the next bet and so on.

The Paroli betting system is a solid strategy since players bet their wager and therefore only risk an initial £10 stake.

The best way to win with the Paroli technique is to set yourself a goal. For example, a five-win streak! It’s not uncommon to see outside bets come up several times in a row, so the chances are on your side.

The Paroli technique is both accessible and low-risk, allowing players to double their capital in a short period.

The Paroli betting system chart

This chart shows how the Paroli technique works if you bet a £10 chip five times in a row.

# Bet Loss Double Win
1 10 -10 10 10
2 10 -20 20 30
3 10 -30 40 70
4 10 -40 80 150
5 10 -50 160 310
Betting five times in a row is a limited risk because even if you lose, you only lose five chips, whereas a win can pay off big! In fact, a five win streak earns 31 times the initial bet! That’s £310 for a £10 bet!


The Parlay system is similar to the Paroli. The main difference lies in the set goal, which is usually set at a ten-win streak. The risk is much higher, so we recommend that players limit the Parlay to a less ambitious seven-win streak before starting over again. Winning seven times in a row with the Parlay system can win you 127 times the initial bet! That’s £1270 for a £10 initial bet!


The d’Alembert betting technique is a very slow progressive system that relies on 1:1 single bets. One chip is all it takes to start playing. The trick is to add a chip each time you lose and remove a chip each time you win. Although it may seem tedious, this technique works if you set a goal limit. In fact, it’s pretty easy to double your money in a short period. Additionally, the d’Alembert betting system is low-risk. It requires only a small initial bet, which is why it’s recommended to all Roulette amateurs that want to have fun without taking too many risks.


The Martingale betting system is the most popular winning technique in Roulette. On paper, it seems that the Martingale is the best technique with the highest payout. However, it comes with a higher risk. Much like other betting systems Martingale works with 1:1 outside bets. The great thing about this strategy is that, in theory, players always win a chip after a loss. The method is quite simple: players double up the bet after each loss and stick to the initial bet after each win.

In theory, the Martingale is foolproof, but in practice, a losing streak can leave you broke. That’s why it’s so important to set a goal before you start to play.

Here’s a chart that shows how Martingale works:

# Bet Progression
1 10 10
2 20 30
3 40 70
4 80 150
5 160 310
We’ve deliberately exaggerated the outcome by showing what happens in the case of 5 consecutive losses to establish the strategy’s limits.

It’s pretty common to see single odds come out five times in a row. However, it’s a wise idea to set a limit on losing streaks just in case. For example, doubling down on each loss three times maximum is a smart idea. Five times, however, is more challenging and therefore not recommended.

How can you beat the casino? Like any other strategy, the best way to win is to set goals and stick to them. For example, bet until you’ve doubled your money, then pull out of the game.

Techniques to avoid

The four techniques we’ve shared with you are by far the best performing and the most reliable. Of course, several other techniques exist, but in our opinion, they’re essentially misleading. If you search for Roulette winning strategies online, you’ll probably come across other techniques such as Labouchère, Fibonacci or Zographos. And although they may seem profitable at first, the results aren’t that great!

Another method to avoid is the “James Bond”, a popular strategy that several bloggers seem to recommend. But unlike the real 007, this strategy is far from being a reliable weapon to beat the casino. Roulette School highly disapproves of this technique which has fooled many players.

Techniques to avoid losing money

French Roulette – 98,65% RTP

As we mentioned at the beginning of this section, French Roulette offers the best payouts and better chances of winning than other Roulette variations, thanks to the single Zero slot. Usually, single bets are lost when the ball lands on Zero but the”“En Prison” rule in French Roulette allows players to have a shot at winning their money back.
All losses are locked up in jail, “en prison”, until the next round. If the player then wins the next bet, 100% of the initial bet is reclaimed. Players can also choose to recover 50% of the initial bet without going “to jail”.

Whether you choose to recover half of your bet or take a shot at winning 100% back, French Roulette offers players another chance at winning.

Tips for winning roulette


The best techniques for winning at Roulette are played with outside bets. French Roulette offers the highest odds and, therefore, the best chances of succeeding. The return rate is 98.65% for single 1:1 bets instead of 97.3% for European Roulette and only 94.74% for American Roulette. It may be hard to believe, but a lot of players are not aware of this.

One last pointer for online casinos: new members will receive a welcome bonus. It’s an excellent opportunity to increase winnings on your first bets!