Fibonacci Roulette System

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The Fibonacci system is a gaming strategy used in casino roulette. In theory the method is safer than other strategies such as Martingale, however it doesn’t always guarantee a win.

The Leonardo Fibonacci method is based on a step system that limits heavy losses on losing bets.

Although the Italian mathematician’s gambling method may seem effective, it’s not always completely reliable.

Fibonacci spiral at casino roulette

Important information

The Fibonacci method allows players to recover losses after losing several bets in a row. Despite it’s overall safety, applying the Leonardo Fibonacci spiral to a Roulette table is actually quite effective on short series of bets. However, professional players have established that the Fibonacci system might not be the most fruitful way of winning money at the casino. The Paroli method is a favourite amongst top winning strategies, along with the Martingale which is theoretically the most profitable betting system of all.

Leonardo Fibonacci

Leonardo Fibonacci, a 12th century Italian mathematician, is known as the inventor of the Fibonacci sequence.

The Fibonacci system is a sequence in which each term is the sum of the two previous terms. The formula starts with the number 1 and progresses exponentially. Although the Fibonacci system is used by roulette enthusiasts, it cannot beat the house. If this were the case, using the mathematician’s spiral would be banned in gambling houses.

The mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci

Golden number and spiral

The Fibonacci sequence is related to the Golden ratio: 1.61803398875, and is inspired by the Pythagorean spiral ( The golden ratio is often associated with a divine proportion. In mathematics, as well as in architecture and art, the golden ratio is very significant and represents the ideal proportion.

The Fibonacci sequence

The Fibonacci method is a simple, mathematical sequence where the following number is equal to the sum of the previous two. Take a look below to see what the Fibonacci sequence looks like.

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987

In casino roulette, the Fibonacci strategy is usually limited to ten bets in a row. The upside of this technique is that it allows you to limit the damage during a losing streak. Although it may seem impossible to lose ten times in a row, it can happen! Thankfully, betting limits make it impossible to bet beyond ten losses with the Fibonacci spiral.

Tips for cautious players

If you’re not feeling lucky, you can avoid going broke by limiting the betting system to ten moves. The Fibonacci system works best with up to five consecutive bets. If the fifth bet is a loss then just start again from the beginning, this way you avoid leaving too much money on the table.

Budget and base unit

To start betting with the Fibonacci sequence, you must first decide upon a base unit. For example, you can decide to bet with a £10 chip to start with. If you’re new to the game or have never tried a betting strategy then remember to practice first on a demo roulette wheel. Take a look at our roulette guide and discover a number of recommended sites that all feature demo options for players to practice without spending a penny.

How does the Fibonacci system work?

The Fibonacci system is used to bet on single bets, namely odd/even, black/red, and 1-18/19-36. The odds of winning on each bet is roughly 50/50. However, using this system on inside bets is a rookie mistake. In fact the odds of winning on a full number using the Fibonacci method are almost zero.

The numbers in the Fibonacci sequence dictate how much you must bet each round. Start with a 1 credit bet which increases with each loss. Each time you win however, you must start the sequence again by betting a base unit.

Losing streaks and winning bets

If you win the first bet, you must bet a credit on the next round. Winning on the second and third bet guarantees balanced results, however the fourth bet shows negative results. This doesn’t mean the strategy has failed but it does offer a betting system that helps limit losses without taking huge risks.

Case study: 10 bets in a row

This chart shows the betting results using the Fibonacci system. We’ve simulated ten losing bets in a row with an intermediate win each round, this allows us to project the results in case of a win.

# Credit bet Loss Result
1. 1 1 1
2. 1 2 0
3. 2 4 0
4. 3 7 -1
5. 5 12 -2
6. 8 20 -4
7. 13 33 -7
8. 21 54 -12
9. 34 88 -20
10. 55 143 -33
For this example our base unit is 1 credit. Each round we’ve added up the losses which also reflect the same results for winning bets.

In this extreme case of ten consecutive losing bets, the overall loss is 143 units. This proves that the Fibonacci system is effective on the first three moves. It all depends on the first bet; if it’s a win, then great, you can bet another credit on the next round. However if you lose on the first bet, a win on the second or the third bet is enough to balance the books.

The flaws of Fibonacci

The example set above is designed to be a cautious approach in order to minimize losing bets. The Fibonacci method is not as exciting as other strategies and, more to the point, it doesn’t guarantee success during a game session. As with all winning strategies at casino roulette, there’s a risk of losing money.

The house edge remains the same regardless the method or strategy. The only trick to limiting losses, or hoping to win, is to set a limit. If you’re using the Fibonacci sequence, a good trick is to limit yourself on a losing streak or to stop playing as soon as you’ve hit a winning streak.

Recommended online casinos

Great news! Start practising the Fibonacci sequence today with over a hundred online casino platforms to choose from. Check out our selection of reliable online casinos in the UK and discover a virtual world of online gambling with several roulette wheels to play, including the single Zero wheel and the double Zero wheel. Good luck!

Roulette variants

The single Zero wheel, commonly referred to as European roulette, is the most profitable wheel with the best odds of beating the house. British gamblers are huge fans of European roulette which has somewhat of a French touch to it. However the double Zero wheel, otherwise known as American roulette, is harder to win and therefore less fun.

Roulette: Maximum betting limits

Theoretically, and with the help of winning strategies, a millionaire could potentially make a fortune! Thankfully, maximum betting limits make this type of heist impossible. Whether you’re at a brick and mortar casino or a serious online roulette game, such as Casino Action, the highest bet that can be made is £1000. This limits players from making large bets on real money progressive bets.

Pros and cons of the Fibonacci method


  • The Fibonacci system avoids major losses on losing streaks.
  • This strategy requires minimum practice and is easily applicable.
  • It’s possible to limit the number of moves and thereby accumulate winnings.


  • After the fifth consecutive bet the stakes tend to be quite high.
  • The system is only profitable if the first bet wins.
  • The Fibonacci system doesn’t improve the odds of winning.

Online casino games and winning strategies

There are several strategies to help players turn a profit at casino roulette. Unlike blackjack or slot machines, plenty of mathematicians have developed theoretical ways of beating the odds of the roulette wheel.

Of course, casino roulette is entirely different than other gambling games. For example, blackjack is far more complex, winning strategies are therefore limited. On the other hand, slot machines rely much more on chance, limiting the use of winning strategies.

In the world of one-armed bandits, it would be naive to play games such as Wowpot progressive slots. These games are played on a huge scale and attract players seeking to win mega jackpots. There are several wild theories about easy ways to win on these slots, obviously these kind of tricks are designed to lure players in and must be avoided.

Our verdict

Whether you’re playing online casino roulette with a betting method such as the Fibonacci sequence or any other strategy, the risk of losing is a harsh reality. However, the Fibonacci system is a slow progressive betting system, which means that losing big money is highly unlikely. Also bear in mind that there are several roulette variants, the single Zero one is by far the most favourable. It would be unwise to play American roulette which offers much less chances of winning as opposed to European roulette.